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Our sincere apologies but due to staff shortages we are unable to offer this Spring Clean / One Off cleaning service until middle September 2023. This does not affect our ability to supply cleaners for our regular cleaning service which continues as usual.

Spring Cleans / One Off Cleans

Our versatile Spring Clean service is ideal to deep clean your home after heavy usage or just to freshen it up. Our One Off Cleaning Service is suitable for Clients who do not require cleaning on a regular basis.

The cleaners are paid slightly more per hour for both these services as we assume the work involved will be fairly heavy duty. They will undertake total cleansing of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming, polishing (including brass and silver), washing of floors, walls, skirting, window ledges, window cleaning (inside only), ironing and bed making.

For our this type of cleaning we use cleaners who work for us on a regular basis. They have already been referenced and we know their work background.

The cost of this service is an initial charge of £50.00 to the Agency to cover the cost of administration and our comprehensive insurance cover with an additional charge of £20.00 an hour to the cleaner for every hour you would require them to work. There is a minimum visit time of 4 hours and they bring all equipment and materials with them.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

To give you peace of mind all our cleaners are fully insured by Comprehensive Employers Liability and Publice Liability Insurance cover. If a cleaner accidentally damages any of your property whilst they are cleaning your home our Insurance Company will pick up the bill. If a cleaner experiences any kind of personal injury whilst working for you, again they are covered by our Company Insurance. Full details can be found in our Client Information Pack.


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