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Regular Cleaning & Ironing

Some agencies tell you what jobs their cleaners will do but at Medway Maids we believe it is your home, you choose. We supply the labour but how you use that labour is up to you. You choose the type of work undertaken by the cleaner, it can be cleaning only or a combination of cleaning and ironing.

The client information pack supplies a checklist of jobs all you have to do is tick the boxes for the jobs you would like done. The cleaner then has a clear idea of what is expected and these jobs can be carried out as a matter of routine on a regular basis. Alternatively you can choose a particular job you would prefer they devote their time to such as specifying a room or a larger than usual ironing pile that may have built up.

There is a minimum visit time of 2 hours per week or 3 hours per fortnight. The same cleaner will visit on your chosen day(s) and our inclusive charge is £14.50 an hour. This is broken down as  £12.00 an hour paid directly to the cleaner on the day and the remaining £2.50 an hour is an agency fee paid on a monthly basis.  The agency fee covers comprehensive insurance (please see below), the supply of a fully vetted cleaner and a replacement if they can't come to you for any reason - we guarantee that the agency fee will never increase!!

Once we have talked through what you need, a cleaner will be recommended. They will meet you for an interview first so you feel comfortable with that person in your home. If at any future time you feel unhappy with your cleaner, for whatever reason, you can speak to us and ask for a change.

Fully Vetted Staff

All cleaning staff are interviewed personally and must provide us with verifiable proof of their identity and address. We also take up two references, one of which has to be a previous employer. Every effort is made to ensure the cleaner is vetted thoroughly and we would not send a cleaner to you we would not be happy to have in our own home.

Replacement Cleaners

When your cleaner is on holiday, if requested, we will supply a suitable replacement for the weeks they are away. If your regular cleaner is unable to be with you because of unexpected circumstances (i.e. illness, car breakdown etc) contact us and we will do our very best to supply a replacement from our large database of available cleaners.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

To give you peace of mind, all our cleaners are fully insured by Comprehensive Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance cover. If a cleaner accidentally damages any of your property whilst they are cleaning your home our Insurance Company will pick up the bill. If a cleaner experiences any kind of personal injury whilst working for you, again they are covered by our Company Insurance. Full details can be found in our Client Information Pack.


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